Why to invest in technology?

Investment plays a crucial role in social development and economic forward movement. The important thing that should be considered is to invest in the right, innovative and advanced product, creation or tool. All three adjectives pertain to technology field. This makes you aware that you should previously note whether the product will have the higher value in the near future, will it have a positive impact in society and will it exceed the limit of ROI (return on investment).


After the risk measurement for return on investment, you are ready to choose which part of technology is more attractive and will be trendy even in the next 10 years.

Except the electronic hardware which is having a progress in any individual or community, you can focus in the virtual applications which are associated with people’s everyday life. This may vary from educative applications to personal life ones.


Considering that till 2015, 1.5 million mobile apps were available, this make you envision that during 2016 this amount will reach the double value. This will happen as a result of huge dependency that comes from online apps.

Having a belief that applications nowadays are practical gadgets, they make to understand that through them our life becomes easier with simple procedures like (counting steps while walking, calculating the pulse in your body or directing you to choose the best restaurant) which creates a proof that investing in applications is very worthy.

Also the additional factors that affect emphatically the application development is that from this opportunity people get encouraged more to work, become more curious to learn and turn in a more social individuals.

Prioritized apps to be invested

In order to invest in a valuable application, you can first analyze if this app will create interactivity between people, will educate the majority of the population and will be usable in the future as well.

As an idea we can research “Snapchat’s” history which has was initially launched 5 years ago. This application has accessed in the audience by starting with a different point of view comparing it to today. In its early days, “Snapchat” offered only communication between users, while today it provides informations by the most popular magazines and is interactive at the same time. Ways to learn from this portals are very easy since the news teach you about latest global news.

“Would you love having an app which will tell you what, where and when to eat for a healthier life?”


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