Upgrade Your Baby’s Tech With These 9 Gadgets


There are some seriously cool baby tech products on the market today that not only offer the utmost comfort for babies, but also make lives easier for parents. Every little bit helps during those overwhelming newborn months, right?

Combining tech with convenience while simultaneously helping your baby be safer, healthier or sleep better is a win-win for parents and their kin alike.

While it’s true that babies don’t need very much when they enter the world, you’ll take one look at how truly awesome these gadgets are, and the want will quickly supersede the need.

1. Samsung SafeVIEW Baby Monitor

Image courtesy of Samsung

A baby monitor is actually a need, as opposed to a want, but the multiple features in Samsung’s SafeVIEW monitor go way beyond the basic. With a high resolution 3.5-inch color LCD handheld monitor, you can keep a close eye and ear on your baby, who is hopefully having a nice, long sleep. With features including night vision, two-way speaker functionality, transmission up to 900 feet and a tilt/pan camera, you can rest assured that you won’t miss any adorable moments.

Price: $229.99

2. The First Years iAlert True Fit Convertible Car Seat

Image courtesy of The First Years

If you think about how much time kids spend in cars, it makes perfect sense to have a car seat that wirelessly transmits information to your smartphone about your child’s backseat well-being. The iAlert True Fit car seat is the first to integrate technology and a smartphone app to monitor important safety issues, including if the child has unbuckled his or her seatbelt, if a child has been left unattended after the car stops and even more routine ones, like monitoring the backseat temperature and ensuring that the car seat is installed at the right angle.

Price: $399.99

3. Carkoon


Image courtesy of Carkoon

Speaking of amazing car seats, the Carkoon looks like something out of the future. With the baby’s utmost safety in mind, the Carkoon, upon sensing impact, will immediately deploy a protective cover over the top of the seat. By providing a cocoon over the top and shielding the baby from any potential flying objects or broken glass, Carkoon is a really revolutionary concept.

Price: $588

4. Nuna Leaf

Image courtesy of Nuna

Cradling your baby in organic cottoned comfort, the lightweight Nuna Leaf is a cozy baby seat that gently sways back and forth for a soothing motion. While the movement isn’t what’s innovative, the design is. Built to withstand a whopping 130 pounds (yes, 130), this baby seat can rock baby or tired Mommy to sleep.


5. Graco Glider Elite Swing


Image courtesy of Graco

There’s a reason why those glider rocking chairs are on every “must-have” nursery furniture list. That smooth back-and-forth motion is very soothing to babies — and when they are soothed, they sleep. Graco’s newest swing mimics this movement and also offers music and vibration to help your baby stay completely relaxed. And to get the most bang for your buck, the gliding seat can be removed from the swinging base to serve as a standalone bouncer.

Price: $169.99

6. 4moms Origami
Image courtesy of 4moms

4moms clearly emphasizes design and ease-of-use, making the Origami another incredible product to add to the list. It certainly is pricey, but consider all of its bells and whistles — and there are many. Like the Breeze, this is another one-touch product designed for ultimate parent convenience, but in this case, the one-touch electronically opens and closes the stroller with no effort on your part. The stroller also features an LCD display that logs distance, back-wheel generators that charge your phone as you walk, running lights to illuminate the way and more.

Price: $849.99

7. Withings Smart Kid Scale


Image courtesy of Withings

When babies are very young, the best measure of their well-being in those first few months is how much weight they’re gaining. For babies who are breast-fed, it is hard to know how much they are consuming, so the weight gained from appointment to appointment becomes all-important.

With the Withings Smart Kid Scale, you don’t have to wait until you get to the pediatrician’s office to determine how your baby is growing. And with the aid of the complementary smartphone app, you can track baby’s growth and keep a record for your next doctor’s appointment. The scale also converts to a traditional scale when babies get a little bigger, weighing kids up to 55 pounds.

Price: $179.95

8. Babycook Pro 2x


Image courtesy of Beaba USA

When your baby is ready to make the transition from milk to solid foods, it’s a fun adventure for all. There are so many new tastes to experiment with, and the healthiest and most economical option is to make your own baby food at home. It seems daunting, but it really is quite easy, especially when you have a handy gadget like the Babycook Pro 2x. It works as a steamer, blender, warmer and defroster in one, and you can mash, steam and puree your baby’s foods in no time.

Price: $199.95

9. Neato XV-21
Image courtesy of Neato Robotics

All right, so an automatic vacuum cleaner might not fall under the typical “baby gear” category, but if you think about it, babies need a clean floor to lie on, right? And those household chores that need to get done always seem to fall by the wayside with a newborn around, so why not automate at least one of them?

The Neato robotic vacuum is a handy device that picks up everything in its path (dust, pet hair, dirt, allergens) and is also smart enough to find its way back to its charging base when it needs more power.

Price: $429.99

Image courtesy of 4moms


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