This Mobile Canvas Lets You Create Memes in Seconds


Tracks, the company behind the group photo-sharing service of the same name, launched a new mobile app Friday that expands upon image sharing by letting you create sharable content with pictures, texts, stickers and sound.

Kanvas is a mobile canvas where you can create almost anything — doodle images, place text over a photo, draw on top of photos, add soundtracks to pictures — and share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. The app merges Instagram and messaging apps like MessageMe for cross-media expression.

“Kanvas is a new creative media type that captures your mood, thoughts [and] feelings and offers a fun way to express oneself with no need to share an actual physical moment,” said Vic Singh, the Tracks CEO.


Completed works are displayed in a timeline within the app, like Instagram, where others can comment or react with emoticons.

The app is especially useful for quick and easy meme creation, and can help you create fairly intricate images that might otherwise require the help of a photo editor. At launch, the app boasted a number of free and premium packs of tools, with 80 different fonts, 7 paintbrushes, 100 backgrounds and 200 stickers. It also supports recording 60-second audio clips to accompany your artwork.

Singh said the idea for Kanvas stemmed from trends it noticed from the existing Tracks app. “Our audience skewed much younger, and we started to see drawings and text on photos and memes like quotes being hacked into Tracks,” he said.


Kanvas began as a new mixed-media addition to Tracks. But as the company started to build it, they decided to create it as a standalone app instead. Singh noted the app will ultimately work alongside Tracks.

Tracks is currently growing by 200,000 new connections each day; its support and updates will continue separately from Kanvas.

You can download Kanvas now from the App Store.

Images: Mashable, Kanvas


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