This Google Trends Visualization Will Mesmerize You

GoogleVisualization1Curious what people are searching for on Google? The company has unveiled a stunning and colorful visualization of real-time hot searches that is also a feast for the eyes.

Late last month, Google unveiled a series of charts for the most-searched people, places and things in more than 40 categories, including movies, sports teams and local attractions. But tucked toward the end of the announcement announcement was a link to its new visualization page, displaying the latest trending topics in different colors that move about the page.

For example, hot search terms such as “Kate Upton,” “Tim Tebow” and “Game of Thrones Season 3” fly onto different tiles and are then replaced by other phrases getting a lot of play online. Search terms pop up in different languages, as well.

Click here to take a look. Search data may sound boring, but we promise it won’t disappoint.

Image courtesy of Google


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