Which Superhero Flies Highest on Social Media?

Maybe you can leap tall buildings or stop a locomotive in its tracks, but how fast can you become a trending topic?

Comic book fans love to see their favorite super-powered characters face off again and again — that explains the popularity of The Avengers or 2015’s yet-untitled Superman/Batman film. But what if superheroes — and their evil-doing nemeses — squared off in the social arena?

Synethesio monitored social media channels over a 30-day period to measure the impact of the world’s mightiest heroes … and villains. The 10 characters with the highest social scores appear in the graphic below. Would it surprise you to know the most popular superhero of all is one without any powers?

Who’s your favorite superhero, heroine or villain? Let us know in the comments below.


Mashable Infographic.

Homepage image: Mashable composite


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