Spike TV’s New Tool Measures Online Buzz for Games, Consoles

digital-gamingLOS ANGELES — Spike TV is launching GDEX, the first tool to measure upcoming or newly released video games’ social media buzz, at E3 on Monday morning.

GDEX, a partnership among Spike, GameTrailers and Mass Relevance, scours social media for fans’ posts about upcoming games and consoles. The tool then ranks them by the number of mentions per hour, as well as positive and negative sentiment. In addition, graphs show change over time, making big spikes in social discussion apparent.

This graph showed EA’s forthcoming Battlefield 4 with the highest social rank Monday, probably in anticipation of EA’s E3 press conference later in the day, when it will reveal details about the game.


Spike’s GTTV host Geoff Keighley said GDEX democratizes the public perception of games, as he saw the perception of a game’s popularity being tied to review scores given to it by gaming websites and aggragated by Metacritic.

“We are giving fans a voice and an opportunity to shape the perception of what’s hot at E3,” said Keighley, who also serves as executive in charge of publisher relations for Viacom, Spike’s parent company.

GDEX scours Twitter, public Facebook posts, Intagram, YouTube and Google+ for 450 million posts an hour, and the results are updated hourly to reflect sentiment change. Since fans will be treated to more information on hot upcoming games at E3, as well as see many previously unannounced titles, the social tracker will have plenty of data to chew on.

Ahead of both the Sony and Microsoft press conferences Monday, during which both companies will provide details on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox, GDEX showed the Xbox One leading in social sentiment by more than 40 points. However, those numbers could rapidly change after each company’s press conference.

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