Selfloops bridges sport gadget divide on Android with combo ANT+ adapter and battery pack


If you take your smartphone-assisted exercise seriously, you’ll probably want both ANT+ sensor support and a power pack to offset the increased battery drain that follows. It’s a good thing that Selfloops is tackling both needs at once with its new Android ANT+ Accessory, then. The USB add-on isn’t tiny, but it can grab data like cadence and heart rate from a nearby ANT+ device while keeping a phone topped up through its 2,000mAh battery. The peripheral is also one of the few to bring ANT+ to Android 2.3 — if you’re still using an older handset, you’ve found an ideal fitness companion. Just be prepared to wait for it. While Selfloops is currently taking pre-orders for the $115 Android ANT+ Accessory, it’s not starting shipments until October.


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