See How Siri Works in iOS 7

With iOS 7, Apple is giving Siri a big revamp. Not only is the iPhone’s voice assistant getting an optional male persona, but it’s also getting some enhanced abilities, including better integration with Twitter.

The gang at TechSmartt (who also did a very thorough Galaxy S4 drop test) got their hands on the developer beta of iOS 7 and took the upgraded Siri for a spin.

Right away you can see Jony Ive’s translucent design when Siri appears, with the out-of-focus colors hinting at the apps in the background. The list of potential commands Siri suggests at launch are given new prominence, and now float in from the bottom, part of the trend toward more animation in iOS 7.

The new incarnation of Siri knows how to search for specific things on Twitter, and the TechSmartt guys decided to ask it for tweets from none other than Mashable (they maintain that it was the only Twitter handle Siri could actually hear properly in their test). Sure enough, a second later, Siri called up the @Mashable Twitter feed.

Things get interesting when they test Siri about some basic science questions. Asked to define the theory of relativity, Siri seeks out the answer on Wolfram Alpha, but for Osmosis, the user asks that Siri specifically get her answer from Wikipedia. In both cases, she complies and — more important — gets it right (although for Wikipedia, she doesn’t reply verbally).

What are you most looking forward to in Siri for iOS 7? Let us know in the comments.


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