Pyle announces Hi-Speed HD Sports Camera

Pyle announces Hi-Speed HD Sports Camera

What good is a hardflip, if no one was around to see it? Good news, then, that Pyle has just announced the somewhat self-explanatory Hi-Speed HD Sports Camera for exactly that purpose. The latest entrant into an already fairly busy market. At $99 dollars (please check updates / source), this promises to be one of the more affordable options. As for the specification, we’re looking at a 12-megapixel sensor that shoots upto 1080p video with a 120fps (at VGA) slow-mo mode. There’s also a 4X zoom feature, which we’re assuming is digital. Most notable is the inclusion of a touchscreen LCD for previewing and menu navigation, a feature yet to appear on any of the main competition. Oh, and built in WiFi (with included remote) too. We’re unable to say exactly how much of a bargain this is until we see it in action. Something we’ll be able to do soon, we hope.

Update: The official price information we were given to coincide with the announcement appears to have been incorrect, we apologize for any confusion and are taking this up with the source. Also, the video clip has been removed as was intended as a reference to what a hardflip is, and not to represent sample footage.

Update 2: We’ve now been informed that $99.99 is the correct price, and the Pyle website has been updated to reflect this. Please verify at the source for the latest info.

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