PayPal’s Payment Code lets you purchase with QR codes

PayPal's Payment Code lets you purchase with QR codes

Still trying to get the hang of NFC purchasing and the many, many other forms of digital payment? PayPal has now launched another that’ll let you procure items via a QR code. You can pay by checking in with PayPal at a given store, after which you can enter a PIN or bring up a QR code for the merchant to scan. PayPal says that along with the extra convenience, the main advantage for consumers will be the ability to redeem any coupons, rewards or gift cards you may have saved in your PayPal digital wallet. Meanwhile, stores will be able to accept digital payments without needing to adopt new technology, and can use their existing scanners or mobile payment systems. PayPal plans to launch the system and give more details by Q1 2014, but meanwhile you do have a few other options.


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