Nokia Lumia 925 review: Terrific for shutterbugs

Nokia’s all-metal Lumia 925 does take better shots than its other high-end sibling, and the mostly metal chassis is a plus.


Nokia’s new all-metal flagship Lumia 925 sells around the world.
(Credit: Jessica Dolcourt/CNET)

We know you’ve been wondering about Nokia’s return to metal body plates in its new flagship Nokia Lumia 925.

Well, our sister site CNET UK has the full review of the unlocked, global version. The verdict? This Windows phone is light and slim, and its sixth camera lens seems to do the trick with slightly better photos than even its Lumia 920 cuz.

The Lumia 925 is eventually coming to T-Mobile. We’ll review it for U.S. readers here. In the meantime, check out CNET UK’s 925 review.

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