Nokia Lumia 625 official: a 220 euro LTE Windows Phone with a 4.7-inch display coming this September (hands-on)


The rumors were (unsurprisingly) true. Nokia’s revealed its biggest phone to date, with a screen measuring in at 4.7 inches. It’s the Lumia 625 and the series has certainly grown a fair bit since the Lumia 620 launched earlier this year. However, it keeps the same resolution, a slightly pixelated 800 x 480, but bumps the processing power up to a dual-core Snapdragon S4, throwing in LTE for good measure. Despite that hulking LCD screen, however, it’s still thinner than the Lumia 920 at 9.15mm (0.36 inches). It’s a Nokia smartphone, so there are plenty of HSPA radios to keep its global fanbase happy and, rare for an entry-level Lumia, LTE radios — we’re looking at the British EE-friendly Band 3 option here.

But, if anything reminds us that this is no Lumia flagship device, it’s the camera. Don’t expect any 41-megapixel sensors. In fact, get ready to be a little underwhelmed by a 5-megapixel camera module, although you’ll still get the likes of the gif-making Cinemagraph and the same Smart Camera app seen on the Lumia 925. You’ll have 8GB of internal memory to fill with your best photo moments from the outset, while (courtesy of the removable back) you can crank this up to 64GB with microSD if needed. Meanwhile, customization options include orange, green, yellow, white and black cases, although there’s no turquoise shade like we saw at the launch of the Lumia 620. It’ll be headed to EE, Vodafone, O2, Phones4U and Carphone Warehouse in early September, priced at £200 or 220 euros for continental Europeans. Hands-on impressions (and a video!) right after the break.

If you thought the notion of Nokia’s biggest-screened phone would result in an unwieldy tablet-bordering size, don’t worry. The thinner profile makes it as easy to handle as the Lumia 925, while the matte plastic finish means fingers can keep a handle on it. Those brighter color options look great in real life also bounce around the light, something that didn’t surface in some of our hands-on shots. The screen leaves a little to be desired, with off-angle views suffering a little. Likewise, with that WVGA display now spread across 4.7-inches, the screen is now comes in at a sub-200 pixels per inch. (The Lumia 620 was around 246 PPI.) That mid- high-level Snapdragon S4 processor means the smartphone didn’t stall during our short play with it. We didn’t get a chance to test out the camera, although our samples shots from 5-megapixel sensors found in other Lumia handsets should offer a decent estimate of how pictures will turn out, with some extra functionality from the aforementioned Smart Camera app. Barring concerns with screens and the camera, its low off-contract price — with LTE-capability — could make the 625 a very enticing package for first-time smartphone buyers.

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