Nokia Debuts $68 Mobile Phones Designed for Fast Internet Access

nokia-68-1Smartphones may comprise a majority of mobile-phone shipments worldwide, but a sizeable number of handset users still prefer basic feature phones.

Nokia catered to the latter market on Wednesday by debuting two 3G-capable feature phones — the 207 and 208 — that are specifically designed to provide users with quick Internet access.

Available in red, cyan, yellow, white and black, the handsets have Nokia’s traditional “candybar” design. They offer Internet-connection sharing, and come pre-installed with Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

“The Nokia 207 and Nokia 208 are designed for people who like a classic phone and traditional keypad, but don’t want to miss out on smartphone experiences, like staying connecting to social media and accessing the Internet,” Timo Toikkanen, executive vice-president of the Finnish company’s Mobile Phones division, said in a release.


The main differences between the 207 and 208 is that the latter has a camera with smart features, and comes in dual SIM and single SIM versions. The 207 has no camera, and is single SIM.


A February report by Nielsen revealed that mobile consumers in developed markets tend to prefer smartphones, while feature phones are more popular in places such as India, Turkey and Russia.

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Homepage image courtesy of Flickr, nechbi; Other images courtesy of Conversations by Nokia


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