Nike+ Running iOS update adds social challenges, trash talk


Sometimes you need a little extra encouragement to hit the trail. The latest update to Nike+ Running for iOS should give you that friend-based push to lace up when you’re feeling particularly lazy. Social competitions make up most of what’s new in version 4.3, bringing in the same functionality between the app and its Nike+ FuelBand counterpart. To start a challenge, simply set a distance, a duration and invite your buddies. From there, group chats allow for motivation (read: trash talk) and checking in on your temporary frenemies’ progress. Each time you clown your pals, you’ll earn a medal. Like Nike+ Fuel, what those are good for is anyone’s guess. After you’re done topping the leaderboards, sprint to Distro’s latest issue for an inside look at the swoosh company’s Accelerator startup program.


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