MoDaCo.Switch enters public beta, gives indecisive HTC One owners both worlds


Can’t decide between HTC One’s native spin on Android and the Google Edition’s vanilla build? Now you don’t have to: MoDaCo.Switch is now officially available for public beta testing. True to its name, this custom firmware allows users to reboot the phone and switch into a different version of Android, making it easy to enjoy both Sense 5 and Google’s stock AOSP Android build independently. It’s more than a simple dual-boot, however, MoDaCo.Switch shares apps and data between both builds, which makes using them together a less jarring experience. The Beta still has some limitations of course; MMS and call log data isn’t shared between ROMS and there seem to be some issues with fast boot. Still, if you’re willing give it a spin, hop over to the adjacent source link to get started.


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