Mailbox intros expanded search, signature and Chrome browser option


It might not be the desktop app you’ve been waiting for, but this newest Mailbox is still pretty notable for its new mobile features. Perhaps the most important addition is the ability to search for emails not saved locally on your iPhone or iPad. It’s far from perfect — we’re unable to dig for old conversations dating more than a few months back — but it’s better than not having it at all. Once you’ve updated the app, you’ll also notice new sections in the Settings page, including a signature box for each linked account and the ability to change the default browser from Safari to Chrome. There’s also an option to link your account to Dropbox, which acquired Mailbox in March, in exchange for 1GB of free space on the cloud service. Unfortunately, there’s no news on the Android app or the reported integration with other email services — but we’ll keep a weather eye on the horizon.



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