Locate Lost Keys With These 10 Handy Gadgets


1. HipKey

Not only can the HipKey-and-app combo track down your missing keys or lost iPhone, it can alert you with a 90dB alarm if the two items get separated by more than 50 meters. For alternative security uses, a motion detection feature will also let you know if a valuable item is moved.

Platform: iOS, Cost: $89.95

Image: Hippih


2. Kensington Proximo Tag

An affordable solution from Kensington, the Proximo tag offers alerts if your keys get left behind, and simple tap-to-find functionality if you manage to misplace them. The app can support up to five tags (or similar “fobs”) with a starter pack containing one of each available for $59.99.

Platform: iOS, Cost: From $24.99

Image: Kensington


3. Stick-N-Find Stickers

The slim Stick’N’Find Bluetooth stickers can be attached to your key fob and then tracked down via the awesome Aliens-style “radar” app. There’s also “Virtual Leash” functionality to alert you if a sticker leaves a pre-determined area. Available in a range of fun colors, the stickers have a built-in buzzer and light, so you can locate items in low light.

Platform: Android and iOS, Cost: Two for $49.99

Image: Stick-N-Find


4. Cobra Tag

The Cobra tag’n’app system is another two-way solution to help you find your keys and/or smartphone. Along with a separation alarm, if you misplace your Cobra-tagged keys, the app will generate a map link to the location where you lost them.

Platform: Android, BlackBerry and iOS, Cost: Approx $40

Image: Cobra


5. Tile

You can employ up to 10 super-cute little “Tiles” to attach to your valuables and track via the iOS app. In addition to the finding functionality you’d expect, unlike similar systems, you can share access to your Tiles with others.

Platform: iOS, Cost: $18.95, due Winter 2013/2014

Image: Tile


6. Zomm Wireless Leash

A Zomm Wireless Leash will not only help you find your keys and alert you if you leave your phone behind, but can be used as a wireless Bluetooth speaker to answer calls at the press of a button.

Platform: Android and iOS, Cost: From $69.95

Image: ZOMM


7. iFi Smart Tag

iFi brings Android and iPhone owners a way to track tags, two-way paging, separation alarms and a Google map via email if you lose a tagged item. A handy feature is the option to set up “safe zone” areas where you don’t get alerted if the tag and your phone stray too far from each other.

Platform: Android and iOS, Cost: From $29.95

Image: iFi


8. BiKN

The BiKN system is a little different to others we’ve featured. It offers tag-based paging, leashing and tracking functionality in a 250,000 square foot range, but its special “smart case” means BiKN tags can be used to locate your phone even if the handset is flat or turned off.

Platform: iOS, Cost: Starter Kits $129.99

Image: BiKN


9. Hone

Hone’s simple system has an app that will make the tracker device flash and beep from up to 100 feet away. You can pair the Hone device with different phones, so it’s another handy option for those looking to share access.

Platform: iOS, Cost: $59.95

Image: Hone


10. Button TrackR

Small and unobstrusive Button TrackR’s can be placed on up to 10 items for Bluetooth tracking. As well as two-way ringing, reminder alerts and maps of the last area your item was known to be, the system offers push notifications with updated GPS co-ordinates that come anonymously from other, nearby Button TrackR users.

Platform: Android and iOS, Cost: From $25

Image: Button TrackR


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