Leef’s Bridge USB flash drive lets you share files between your smartphone and computer


Sharing files between devices using the cloud is fine, but California firm Leef Technology believes it has a more direct approach: a USB key. Aptly named Bridge, the flash drive lets you copy files from any Android 4.0 or higher device with a micro-USB connector, then transfer them to your Mac or PC by popping out the larger end. It’s similar to the micro-USB OTG dongles we’ve seen at Computex earlier this year, despite the difference in design. You can nab the double-ended peripheral in either 16GB ($18) or 32GB ($28) from Amazon or Leef’s website (at the source), and a 64GB GB version will be out in July. Who knows — maybe that’ll finally put an end to the cat video and selfie clutter on your cloud service.


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