Justin Bieber’s Twitter Growth: 40 Followers to 40 Million

Pop star Justin Bieber lost the race to be the first Twitter user to reach 10 million, 20 million and 30 million followers, but on Tuesday, he became the first to hit 40 million followers.

He celebrated with tweets. One tweet uses the hashtag #dreamBIG and links to this photo, which features his tweet from the day in 2009 he hit 40 — yes, only 40 — followers:


Mashable obtained statistics from analytics company Twitter Counter that show he hit 40 million on June 4. We’ve detailed when he reached his milestones the above infographic.

Bieber thanked fans in his first tweet (“#40MillionBeliebers – thank u. i love u. #grateful”) and encouraged them to rally with hashtag #40MillionStrong in a second tweet.

Trailing him with the most followers are Lady Gaga (37.9 million), Katy Perry (37.4 million), Barack Obama (32.2 million), Rihanna (29.8 million), Taylor Swift (28.6 million), YouTube (28.6 million), Britney Spears (27.6 million), Justin Timberlake (21 million) and Shakira (20.8 million).

Follower counts are important for musicians in part because they often promote new music and links for fans to purchase their songs or albums from. For example, when Bieber shared his Believe Acoustic album with followers this year, his fans sparked two worldwide trending topics. The album eventually secured the top spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

Bieber’s tweet on Tuesday about new single “Heartbreaker” pushed him over the 40 million follower mark.

Homepage via Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Mashable composite, images courtesy of Flickr, Themeplus, iloveJB123 and inf-Lite Teacher


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