iPhone 5C glimpsed in blue and other colors, doesn’t look awful


Our previous look at a tangled pile of iPhone 5C’s wasn’t especially flattering, and it only showed the plain white version of the rumored handset. The newer image above is impossible to authenticate, but it’s a tad more sympathetic and it comes from a batch of photos of yellow, pink and blue plastic iPhones (or perhaps knock-offs) that briefly appeared on Chinese site iapps.im before being deleted at the request of a “relevant party.” Although there are definitely some echoes of Nokia’s Lumia 620 here, the close-up shot of the blue model suggests we may be looking at something a bit thinner, with slightly less rounded edges, and with a non-removable unibody that may also have a more serious matte finish — although the translucent packaging makes it hard to be sure. Go ahead and squint at the other photos after the break.



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