How to Use Skype Keyboard Shortcuts


Did you know you can enable shortcut-style “hotkeys” on Skype? Even better, you can fully customize them to suit your needs.

If you want to start saving time over on the VoIP service, then we have a handy guide showing you how to begin with the useful Skype keyboard shortcuts.

Take a look through our simple instructions below. In the comments, share any other Skype-like-a-ninja tips and tricks you use.

How to Enable Hotkeys

If you haven’t done so already, you need to enable hotkeys in order to use them. Go to your Skype “Tools” menu and click on “Options.”


Select the “Advanced” tab at the bottom of the list and click on “Hotkeys.”


Click on the box next to “Enable keyboard shortcuts.”


How to Customize Hotkeys

You will see a couple of hotkey commands already set up, but you can customize all the actions with shortcuts of your own preference. Simply click on the check box next to an action to add your own shortcut key sequence into a pop-up window.


It’s up to you how many shortcuts you set up. To make them easier to remember, we suggest using hotkey commands you’re already familiar with, e.g., “Control” + “F” for search. Once you’ve customized the hotkeys to your preference, click “Save” at the bottom of the window


If you want to change a shortcut sequence at any point, simply click on the action and then hit “Change selected shortcut” to edit it before saving it again.


Image: Flickr, Douglas Porter, screenshots: Skype


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