How to See What Your Facebook Profile Looks Like to Others

seepublicfacebookprofileWould you like to know what your Facebook profile looks like to other people?

Whether it’s a job recruiter or a potential date checking out your online presence, it’s a useful exercise to view just what you’re putting out there via Facebook.

Take a look through our walkthrough to see what your public Facebook profile looks like. Let us know in the comments if you’re happy with what your profile says about you.

1. View As
Head to your profile page and click on the cog icon that appears at the bottom right of your cover photo. Select the “View As” option.

2. Public
Facebook will then show you what your profile looks like to the average user, with whom you’re not friends. You can scroll down your timeline to see which posts are viewable to the public, and take a look through your photos, “about” section, Likes, etc.

3. Specific Person
If you want to see how your profile looks to a specific Facebook friend, click the “View as Specific Person” text at the very top of the screen and enter his or her name. You will then see your profile through their eyes.

Homepage image courtesy of Flickr, Kirill Afonin, screengrabs courtesy of Facebook


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