The History of Twitter, From Egg to IPO

Editor’s note: In the infographic, below, Chris Messina is incorrectly identified as an employee of Twitter. He is actually a user of the microblogging network. The infographic will be amended shortly.

Twitter’s public IPO filing reveals rapid growth, massive spending and plans to raise more than $1 billion. It also marks the next step in the largest technology IPO since Facebook’s in 2012.

With all eyes on Twitter, we’ve taken a look at how the company has gone from its humble beginnings as “twttr,” the interoffice communication service at Odeo, to the social media darling of today.

This infographic shows Twitter by its most record-breaking, Twittersphere-shattering moments, from its most influential users to the most viral events.

Which Twitter moment was the most memorable? What predictions do you have for Twitter’s future? Let us know in the comments.

The History of Twitter, From Egg to IPO

The History of Twitter, From Egg to IPO

Mashable Infographic. Images: Flickr, Catholic Church (England and Wales), asterix 611, o_Ozzzzk, ChipperMist, kenleewrites, The Official White House Photostream, jdlasica, thomasglobal; Wikimedia, Joella Marano, Joi Ito; Tim Whitby/Getty Images; Twitter


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