Garmin’s new dash cam will record your crash, man


In the grand scheme of things, $220 might be a small price to pay when it comes to accident liability. Or $250, for that matter. In addition to the rear-facing camera it announced today, Garmin’s also offering up a window-mounted dash cam. Where the other helps you avoid potential collisions in the first place, this one’ll record the incident if, god forbid, you do get in an accident. The camera records wide-angle video in 1080p, 720p or WXGA resolutions, turning on and off with your engine. The Dash Cam has an incident detector, saving relevant video to its 4GB of storage (a number you increase via expandable memory). The 2.3-inch display, meanwhile, makes it easier to position the cam correctly, and, if need be, you can pull the camera off the windshield to take snapshots. The footage is timestamped and, if you opt for the $250 GPS version, geostamped, so you know where incidents occurred. Both models are arriving next month.


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