Garmin DC 50 dog collar promises better satellite reception, longer battery life


Your dog can run, but it can’t hide from Garmin’s latest dog tracking collar. The DC 50 ups the game for the GPS company’s satellite-friendly canine wearables, offering a more rugged, waterproof (up to 10 meters) design and improved battery life at 26 hours with the five-second update and up to 54 hours with two-minute update. There’s also a Dog Rescue mode to automatically switch the collar to the latter when the charge gets down to 25 percent — so you’ll still get signal should you lose your pooch at the end of the day. And, to make him easier to find, the DC 50 promises more reliable satellite reception, thanks to the antenna’s placement at the top of the collar and its utilization of both GLONASS and GPS nav systems. When paired with Garmin’s Astro 320, users can track a pack of up to ten pups at once should you have the money to outfit them all with DC 50’s. The collar will be available later this month for $230, or $600 if you buy it bundled with the aforementioned Astro 320.


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