Garmin D2 delivers wrist-friendly GPS for pilots

Garmin D2 delivers wrist-friendly GPS for pilots

Garmin has almost everyone covered in the watch category: runners, hikers, swimmers, even golfers have their own wrist-worn devices from the consumer GPS pioneer. Now pilots can be added to the growling list of people with their own specialty Garmin wearable. The D2 Pilot Watch includes all the basic, but essential, functions of those old-school aviator watches, like those from Breitling, along with a bevy of advanced features. For one, you can load a flight plan on it and monitor your position on a moving map displayed on its tiny monochrome screen. There’s also a dedicated NRST button that uses the built-in GPS to guide you the nearest airport in the case of an emergency. It can also track ground speed, time to destination, altitude and there’s a compass display with a horizontal situation indicator (HSI). And, of course, it plays nice with Garmin’s stable of other products, like its Pilot App and VIRB action cam. The press release claims the D2 is expected to go on sale in November for $449, though, the Garmin online store currently has it listed for $470. Regardless, we don’t anticipate this popping up on the shelves of your local Best Buy.

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