Foursquare Update Adds Real-Time Recommendations

Foursquare Update Adds Real-Time Recommendations

Foursquare rolled out a number of updates Wednesday that bring real-time recommendations to the service.

Now when you check in to a location you’ll be given recommendations on what to do there. For instance, the app might let you know people love the tomato soup, or tell you that the bar you’re in has half-priced beer from 3 to 6 p.m. everyday.

Real-time recommendations have been available for select Android Foursquare users for a while now, and will be gradually rolling out to iPhone users starting Wednesday.

Also in Wednesday’s update is a new Nearby tab so you can quickly toggle between friends located close to you and friends worldwide. Nearby was previously part of the “Happening Near You” section at the top of the screen, and showed you what friends might be in the area — but not where they were located. Earlier versions of Foursquare offered similar Nearby/Worldwide toggling functionality, however, the feature was removed in an update last year.


Finally, Wednesday’s update also streamlines your Foursquare news feed to only include your friends’ last check-in. Previously, if a friend went on a quick check-in spree at their local mall you would see all of those check-ins on your feed. Now, each friend is restricted to just one location — if you want to see others you have to tap through to your friend’s full profile.

The updated Foursquare is available now for iOS and Android.

What do you think of the updates? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Image: Mashable; Foursquare


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