Flickr for iOS Unlocks New Camera Abilities


Flickr has updated its iPhone app with new tools that let you control how a final photo will look before you ever snap the shot.

The company announced on Thursday a revamped camera experience for its iOS app, bringing customizable filters and more editing tools to the platform.

“A lot of Flickr’s new camera features are what you’ve been asking for,” Markus Spiering, head of product at Flickr, said in an official blog post. “Live Filters let you see how your photo looks while you take it. Swiping through live filters, you can choose composition grids, focus lock and exposure points to better set up your shot. Even our preview tiles let you see what your shot looks like live.”

These features come from the company’s recent acquisitions of photo-editing startups KitCam and Ghostbird. Filters are also customizable after you take the picture too.

“In addition to our magic wand, we’re adding all the advanced tools so you can enhance, crop, sharpen, balance color, use Levels, add vignette and more — for free,” Spiering said. “You now have a complete photo studio in your hands.”

Yahoo has been focusing its efforts on breathing new life into its once-struggling Flickr platform. The platform received a complete branding overhaul in May and recent acquisitions, including companies such as KitCam and Ghostbird, show how Yahoo has its sights sets on reclaiming its place in the photo-sharing space.

Image: Yahoo


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