Evernote and 3M Digitize the Post-It Note

Evernote and 3M Digitize the Post-It Note

Evernote and 3M Digitize the Post-It Note

Your Post-It notes just got smarter.

3M announced a new partnership with Evernote on Thursday that turns your real-world sticky notes into digital notes that can be saved, shared or viewed from anywhere.

Post-It notes are digitized through a new “Post-it Note Camera” feature in Evernote’s iOS 7 app. Notes that are photographed with the camera are digitally enhanced and uploaded to your Evernote account.

Notes can be organized by color within Evernote and the content is searchable. You can also add a reminder or due date to a specific note — such as a time you need to pick someone up from the airport or a payment due date for a bill.

The feature will work with all Post-It notes, but 3M is introducing several packs of co-branded Post-It products that come with a 30-day Evernote Premium subscription.

Co-branded packs with include 3×3 packs in electric blue, electric yellow, neon pink, limeade. A 3×3 multicolored-pack is also available, along with an 11×11 Post-It Big Pad.


In addition to the Post-It Note packs, the two companies are introducing several co-branded desktop dispensers in both single and quad-pack sizes. The Post-It dispensers will be available from the Evernote Market starting in October.

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