Enblink dongle now lets you control your home appliances using voice commands


In case you’ve never heard of Enblink, here’s a one-sentence primer: it’s an $85 dongle that plugs into your Google TV box, allowing you to control any Z-Wave-enabled appliance (door locks, lights, etc.) using an app. Got it? Good. Anyway, as of a few days ago, you can control everything using voice commands (Google TV still required). Basically, once you’ve gone through the trouble of creating so-called scenes, like dimming your living room lights, you’ll need to go into the settings menu of the app and add a voice widget to the main screen. From there, you can use commands like “lamp on,” “TV off” and “dim.” The three-minute video below breaks it down nicely — and serves as a helpful introduction to folks who had never heard of Enblink before today.


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