DuPont and PMA team up to embed Powermat wireless charging in Corian countertops

counteriphone5DuPont’s managed to work its way into just about every home and place of business here in the US of A, but despite this nationwide proliferation, we haven’t seen the Delaware-based chemicals giant making waves in the consumer electronics space. But with home wraps, plastics and body armor on lockdown, it’s as good a time as any to venture into CE. Through a partnership with the Power Matters Alliance (PMA), the company will soon begin embedding Powermat’s wireless charging tech within its Corian solid surface, a synthetic granite alternative often used for countertops and installed everywhere from kitchens and meeting rooms to hospitals and research labs. As a notable first step, DuPont has joined the PMA, and could soon be playing a key role in charging up your gadgets on the go. We’ve seen Powermat demo its own tabletop charging concept at CES, but with DuPont now on board, it shouldn’t be long before we begin to see seamless Corian installations pop up in public spaces, and perhaps even some homes.

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