Dock Charges Any Apple or Samsung Device — Even in Bulky Cases

Product designer Adewale Adelusi-Adeluyi knows how important good cases are for your smartphones and tablets.

With a 17-month-old daughter who loves to play with devices, Adelusi-Adeluyi uses protective cases on all of his mobile gadgets as the first line of defense against scratches, dents and other consequences of his toddler’s playtime.

But thick, drop-proof cases also make devices dock-proof, he told Mashable. In order to dock his phone or tablet for charging or playing music, he’d have to first remove the case.

“If you have to take your phone out of the case every time you want to dock it, that defeats the purpose of the case,” Adelusi-Adeluyi said.

So he teamed up with lead designer Adil Ouahman and others at Sarvi Designs, a Texas-based startup, to develop Sarvi Dock, which can be used with any type of case.

The dock can accommodate any Samsung and Apple phone or tablet, and uses your device’s factory cable. Just wire your cord through the aluminum frame, and you’re ready to dock. Adelusi-Adeluyi said the dock uses a connector that can adjust 15 degrees, which allows it to support thick OtterBoxes, naked phones and everything in between.

“We reverse engineered the dock,” he said. “Everyone else starts their design with a naked device. We started ours with the case on.”

Since the dock can accommodate any-size case, it’s a great solution for people who alternate between different cases, Adelusi-Adeluyi added.

Sarvi Dock’s Kickstarter campaign, which launched last week, has already raised more than $7,000 toward its $26,000 goal. Early backers can pick up a black or sliver dock for $25, or a bright-green version for $34.

If the project reaches its funding goal, Sarvi Docks will begin shipping no later than January, but Adelusi-Adeluyi said that with enough funding, he hopes the devices can be ready for Christmas.

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Homepage image: Sarvi Designs


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