The Complete Evolution of Google’s Nexus Phone in 1 GIF

Google has come a long way with their smartphones — here’s proof.

The blog GadgetLove created a GIF that follows the evolution of Google phones from the Nexus One to Nexus 5.

Google Nxus

The GIF mostly highlights Google’s experimentation with home buttons throughout the years. The first iteration of the phone even employed a scroll ball that was later nixed. Eventually, Google abandoned all tactile buttons for touchscreen icons. The GIF also illustrates Google’s continuing efforts to produce a cleaner, sleeker feel for their hardware.

Google unveiled their latest smartphone, the Nexus 5, last Thursday.

The 5-inch phone boasts a Snapdragon 8 processor, runs on the latest Android operating system, KitKat, and is only a third-of-an-inch thick and 4.59 oz. Plus, it has an HDR+ camera mode to avoid blurry pictures.

All in all, the phone proves to be a solid showing from Google, who only three years ago, debuted a much different phone.

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Image: Google


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