Build Any Robot You Want, No Programming Required

Modular Robotics, a company based in Boulder, Co., is about to release robot-building kits that let you construct any kind of android you want, no programming required.

The kits, called MOSS, come in three different sizes. The larger ones contain pieces for you to build your robot, which come in various shapes and sizes. All are made of plastic that is molded around several exposed magnets and ball bearings, letting you connect your android building blocks like Legos to construct anything from a car to a robot that fires a Nerf gun.

The company is also planning to release an app to control these semi-autonomous creations. Once you download the app, the software would let you direct the robot from your smartphone or tablet. According to its Kickstarter campaign, you’ll be able to customize these actions — for example, you can tell your android car to move forward or instruct your robot’s head to turn left, all with one or two taps.

MOSS doesn’t require a knowledge of computer programming, Eric Schweikardt, the CEO and design director at Modular Robotics, told Mashable. “It’s trying to give kids education and exposure to these computational components without putting up that barrier.”

Another draw is that they’re not limited to elementary school kids.

MOSS is intended to be intuitive but also has a high ceiling, Schweikardt added.

If the Kickstarter page is any indication, plenty of people are ready to build. The campaign doesn’t end until Dec. 10, but Modular Robotics has already nearly tripled its original goal of $100,000. Donors can receive anything from a company t-shirt ($20) to a “simple” starter kit ($59) to a tour of the facilities ($5,000). The campaign video promises that anyone who contributes enough cash to get a starter kit will receive it before MOSS is commercially available.

“I’m pretty excited to see all the movable and motion-centric robots that people are going to start building,” Schweikardt said.

Delivery is expected for February 2014.

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Image: Modular Robotics


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