Best Streamer: Roku Ultra


If you need evidence that 4K TV is now mainstream, look no further than Roku’s latest batch of streamers. A year after the company unveiled the Roku 4, its first 4K set-top streaming box, it now offers three 4K-capable boxes. As of today, there are more 4K Roku boxes than HD Roku boxes—and two of the new devices play HDR content, too. The one to get is the highest-end model, the Roku Ultra ($130). It does 4K at 60fps and supports HDR streaming on compatible TVs, offers USB and Ethernet ports, and has optical-out audio. The remote also supports voice search, and the box shares the beeping remote-control finder of the Roku 4. Oh yes, and there are a bazillion ways to get your content. While other streamers have been warring and refusing to host each other’s content services, Roku’s stayed Swiss-neutral. You get Amazon, Google Play, Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Plex, everything. Read our full report on Roku’s new streamers.

Source: Wired

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