Audi App Turns Your iPhone Into a Robust User Manual

If you drive an Audi A1 or A3 but aren’t particularly knowledgeable in the car department, Audi’s got you covered.

Using the German car company’s newly updated eKurzinfo app (German for “short info”), you can aim your iPhone camera at various parts of your Audi car. The app then identifies the parts in augmented reality and offers relevant information for that particular part, as shown in the video above.

The app basically converts your smartphone into a detailed user manual, complete with diagrams that explains more than 300 different car parts work. All the image recognition and information is pulled in real time from the cloud, so users don’t have to download updates in order to expand the app’s database.

However, the downside with this technology is that constant access to Wi-Fi is required. The app is also only available for iOS, with language options in English, German and Japanese.

German augmented reality company Metaio developed Audi’s eKurzinfo. The company also created Ikea’s 2014 augmented reality catalog.

In an interview with Fast Company, a Metaio representative said the company hopes to continue the partnership with Audi and other automobile partners. The spokesperson also said the company recognizes “the potential in interactive manuals for almost all industries.”

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Homepage image: Metaio


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