Apple to start USB power adapter trade-in program, offer new chargers for $10


Apple is investigating the death of a flight attendant who was electrocuted by answering an iPhone 5 that was charging, and now it’s taking a step to ease fears about potentially faulty USB power adapters. Though Cook and Co. don’t identify whether the plug involved in the deadly incident was from a third-party manufacturer, they explain that “recent reports have suggested that some counterfeit and third party adapters may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues.” With that in mind, the House that Jobs Built is instituting the USB Power Adapter Takeback Program, which will let folks pick up first-party iPad, iPhone and iPod plugs for $10 (instead of the usual $19) if they return any of their current adapters. Don’t plan to stock up on the power-giving cubes though, as the deal is limited to one adapter for each device you own.

While the company does draw attention to concerns with chargers made by other manufacturers, it notes that “not all third party adapters have an issue.” If you’re interested in trading the accessory for some peace of mind, you’ll have to head to an Apple retail store or an authorized service provider between August 16th and October 18th.


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