Apple Starts To Set The Stage For WWDC

halfappleAlmost a full week before its annual developer’s conference is set to begin, Apple has already started to move into San Francisco’s Moscone Center.

Half of a giant Apple adorned the side of the Moscone Center Tuesday evening, abandoned mid-construction. With no crew in sight, we suspect the other half will join it Wednesday morning.

Inside crews have already covered the back wall of the lobby with a giant multi-colored WWDC banner.
Many other rolled up signs and banners currently litter the lobby.
WWDC is set to kick off early next Monday morning. The annual conference focuses primarily on Apple’s mobile and desktop software: iOS and OSX. Apple has already acknowledged plans to announce new versions of both at this year’s event.

Tickets to this year’s conference sold out in under 2 minutes.

While definitely a software-focused event, WWDC has also been the stage for many notable product announcements. Last year, for instance, the company announced its first MacBook’s with Retina displays.

Apple is rumored to be potentially refreshing that line of computers during WWDC this year.

What do you hope to see from Apple at this year’s WWDC? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments.

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