8 Bizarre Social Networks You Won’t Believe Exist


The Internet is home to hundreds of different social networks. Aside from the big-wigs, plenty cater to a more niche variety of interests.

We browsed the web and compiled some of the strangest, most hobby-specific ones we could find. Some are geared toward a specific audience, while others are just plain — well, weird. Take a look at our collection below.

1. Date My Pet


Big date tonight? That’s great. Until the two of you get back to your apartment … and all your cats. Be cool, you tell yourself, just pray he/she isn’t allergic.

Why can’t there be an easier way?

Enter DateMyPet.com, the online dating site for pet lovers. Before you even agree to date someone, scan his pet information — which breeds he prefers, how many he owns. That way, you won’t be surprised at the end of the night when he drops the bombshell: “I think I’m ready for you to meet Captain Sparkles.”

2. Farmers Only

Ain’t no love in the heart of the city. But the country? Now that’s a much steamier story.

FarmersOnly.com is an online dating network that pairs rural-bred singles with other anti-city folk. Granted, you don’t need to operate a tractor to join — the website says “old fashioned, down-to-earth people” from small towns or rural areas are welcome to register, as well. Just don’t bring any of that silly city talk with you.

“I’m really lonely, but I’m too busy to date during harvest season.” — FarmersOnly.com

According to the site, it has registered over 100,000 members, up from 2,000 from launch five years ago.

3. Line for Heaven


Who says religion has to be boring? Line for Heaven runs a weekly competition for its users to digitally bless one another for karma points. Every Sunday, those with enough points are admitted to “Heaven.”

It’s open to any religion; the “About” section explains its main purpose is to promote tolerance across all beliefs. They even refer to “God” fairly loosely (the word is actually in parentheses on the site).

4. My Free Implants

Breast augmentation isn’t exactly a cheap operation.

My Free Implants is a crowdfunding network that lets women raise funds for the procedure through online donations. A user creates a profile and states her story, then donors can browse the site and connect with her via email if they’d like to contribute.

It’s a win-win — sort of. Donors may end up spending thousands of dollars on someone they’ve never met, but the website guarantees “lifelong friendships.” Just look at that chummy group above.

5. Stache Passions
If you prefer Tom Selleck to Tom Brady, consider signing up for Stache Passions, a dating site that caters to mustache maniacs. Style doesn’t matter: You can rock a Dali, Walrus, Handlebar or Pencil ‘stache — the only requirement is that you’ve got something going on up there.

6. Match a Dream


Everyone has strange dreams sometimes. Match a Dream discussion board fosters chat to decipher dreams and their meanings. Users can search the site’s database by dream theme — which includes aardvarks, ferris wheels and pancakes, among others — and read what others have written about similar dreams. Nothing’s off-limits, and submissions are anonymous, so there’s no need to worry about being judged for your recurring Amanda Bynes dreams.

7. Ravelry


Beam me up, Scottie, I’ve got a dinner reservation for two.

Star Trek Dating, as the title suggests, is the premiere dating platform to connect users to the Trekkies of their dreams. It’s free to join, and includes both a profile search and live chat room, so you can take things at your own pace — light-speed optional.

Image via iStockphoto, CactuSoup


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