Hall of Fame Pro snowboarder turned inventor creates ultimate GoPro hack

Hall of Fame snowboarder, professional photographer and filmmaker, Ken
Achenbach has spent his career lugging camera equipment around the world to
capture the action-packed moments of some of the biggest names in action
sports. Tired of gear that couldn’t keep up, he invented the 360 Quick
Connect GoPro Mounting System.

360 Quick Connect is a patent-pending action camera mounting system that
gives your GoPro total compositional freedom, plus its works with every
mount and accessory you already own. 360 Quick Connect is micro adjustable,
super lightweight and durable. Best of all no more messing with the
stupid GoPro bolt to change mounts. Now you can securely lock your GoPro on
any angle or switch it up from mount to mount within seconds. No more
missed shots. Just flip the lever, change mounts and GO!

Check out 360 Quick Connect in action on Kickstarter


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