5 Must-Have Apps for Every Entrepreneurs


One thing that I’ve seen most entrepreneurs struggle today with is time. Besides having an A-team to get things done, technology available to analyze industry trends and a willpower to make an impact, most to-be businessmen find it hard to stay productive.

With the mobile-app boom, zillions of apps hit Android and iOS stores that are believed to make entrepreneurs more productive and provide them with enough information all at their fingertips. But, how do entrepreneurs exactly find what is going to help them and their business and make the right bait in the crowd?

As a business coach myself, I’ve tested several apps that could make myself productive and help people run their businesses efficiently. Here is a small list of the five must have apps for every entrepreneurs today!

1. US Trademark Search Tool
Entrepreneurs want to enjoy every perks of profiting by leveraging their traffic and marketing channels. But, hoping to dream big and making an impact, one thing that is often overlooked by most entrepreneurs is the Trademark.

The US Trademark Search Tool is available for free in both Android and iOS store and lets user search for all trademarks that have been filed or registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Built in purely informative nature, the app has no commercial ends and provides information about the risks about copyright and trademark infringements.

2. Evernote
Organizing and planning things ahead is the most important aspect of managing a great team. Evernote is a tool that helps you with all of that. Available as both mobile and desktop app, Evernote can help you create searches, sync devices being used in your office, create to-do lists and organize your plans and insights.

3. Pocket
As an entrepreneur, you want to consume all the good information available online but there is not enough time for you to go through all of them at a time. That is where Pocket comes to be handy. A mobile app that helps you bookmark any type of content online, you can store information for later reading without even needing to connect to the internet. Ain’t that wonderful?

4. Mint
You are surely concerned about your personal finances more as an entrepreneur because you like the numbers game more than a general person. Mint helps you with just that. It is a great app that will help you record your expenses, create budgets and manage saving plans and sync across all devices you use at your fingertips.

5. Lastpass
Internet security is a big issue that all entrepreneurs need to remain careful about. However, with several online and offline properties in hand, remembering different password combinations can be a tough thing. You also do not want to use the same password on different websites and that is what Lastpass is made for. This app keeps your online accounts secure by generating, storing and automatically recalling passwords for your internet logins. It’s available for free on PC and Mac and also has a premium version for mobile devices. You can also use this Strong Random password Generator.

These are only a few of the apps that will help entrepreneurs boost their productivity and stay focused in business. If you have any other app recommendations that has improved your day-to-day business life, you can suggest in the comments below!

Source: INC

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