3D-Printed Spiderbot Is Stuff of Dreams and Nightmares

Some people are afraid of spiders. Others are afraid of robots. Heaven help the person afraid of both who stumbles upon this creepy-crawly 3D-printed robotic spider from Robugtix.

The T8 is made nightmare-inducing not only by its 3D-printed and somewhat realistic-looking skin but by the preternatural movements that mimic living eight-leggers. According to Robugtix, that’s thanks largely to the company’s “Bigfoot” inverse kinematics engine, which uses math calculations to figure out how the robot-arachnid should move.

Using 26 servo motors and a wireless RF-based connected remote control, the 2.2 lbs robot is not exactly autonomous, but when you send it in a direction, it figures out how to walk that creepy way.

If you’re thinking about getting your own T8 robo-arachnid, you should know a few things. It’s battery operated (not included) and arrives as a kit, which includes the 3D-printed parts, a micro-controller brain, the motors and all the fasteners and mechanics you’ll need to assemble said robo-arachnid. Though the robot lists for $1,350, it does not come with the XBee controller and communication module. They sell separately for $85.

The first T8 robotic spiders won’t ship until September. In the meantime, you can prepare by watching the T8 in action in the video above.

Would you buy a robot spider kit? If so, what would you do with it? Let us know in the comments.

Image Courtesy of Robugtix


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