3 Free Tools to Manage Who You Follow on Twitter

3 Free Tools to Manage Who You Follow on Twitter

If the list of accounts you follow on Twitter has gotten a little unruly over the years, we can help. We’re highlighting three useful tools that will allow you to analyze and manage the accounts you follow to improve your overall experience.

From weeding out spam accounts to seeing inactive ones, these tools will help you reduce your Twitter follow list in a meaningful manner.

1. Manage Flitter


s part of a much wider suite of paid-for Twitter tools, Manage Flitter’s free package offers some useful functionality to view and manage the accounts you follow.

You can view the accounts that don’t follow you back, which accounts don’t tweet in English, accounts with high and low influence, talkative and quiet accounts, and accounts that haven’t been active for 30 days.

There’s also a nifty setting that reveals who you follow that has a dubious, “fake” and likely spam following itself.

As you navigate through each of the options above, Manage Flitter lets you click to unfollow any account that is picked up by the filters.

2. UnTweeps


UnTweeps is a very simple service that will show you which accounts you follow haven’t tweeted in a while. It’s an excellent way to free up your follow list of a few inactive accounts, paving the way for you to follow more active users that will bring more to your stream.

Once you’ve authorized the app, you can select a time period to concentrate on; the default is to list accounts you are following that have not updated in 30 days. This seems like a reasonable amount of time to assume that someone has lost interest in posting to Twitter.

Once the list of “stale” accounts has been generated, you can then click through to view more info, and check the box next to each account to unfollow.

3. Tweepi


You can use Tweepi’s “cleanup” function to see all the accounts you’re following in a grid-based list format. What’s useful about this tool is that you can add or remove grid columns to see more information about the accounts you follow.

In addition to the basics such as bio, location and number of followers, you can view who has a verified account, how many times an account appears in Twitter lists and when they last tweeted.

Once you’ve added the columns you want, you can then sort each page of your follow list by this criteria. Finding out more about each account is only a matter of clicking the info button for more data, while unfollowing someone can be done with another quick click.

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